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Need to Update Your Gymdrobe? 3 Ways to Swap it out with These Much Better Choices

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Image by: istolethetv
By: Ken Lucas

So you noticed a few laughs coming in the direction of the squat rack and you look over to see a trio of gorgeous, spandex clad women tittering at your expense. I know the 90’s headband, impossibly small runner shorts and loose rib tank may feel comfortable and allow you to lunge like no tomorrow, but if you want to be taken seriously in the weight room, then you’ve gotta up your game, sir.

Yea I know, I know, the gym is a place you go to work out and sweat, not win fashion contests. But with the availability of brands like Under Armor, Nike and Asics, why not take the time and effort to diversify your gym-drobe. If women are teasing you with their skin tight ass huggers, then you should return the favor and advertise your leanness with some nice athletic attire.

It may seem shallow or unnecessary to worry about such matters, but like the old saying goes: if you look good you feel good, and you know what that means, right? More results! So go ahead and burn that outfit that looks like it came from Michael Cerain Juno, and make a splurge at the nearest sports authority.

#1) Tops

The loose rib tank has got to go. With the plethora of colors, styles and types of compression shirts that sports brands offer, there is always an option no matter what season. If it’s winter, under armors cold gear material works not only to enhance your appearance in the gym, but also to prepare you for that winter chill that may impede your workout. Likewise, warm gear does the same for your summer endeavors, keeping your body nice, insulated and cool all while collecting the attention of the women around you.

Now, if you’ve already got your collection of heat gear and cold gear, but you find the weather to be indifferent, then you may want to settle with a y-back tank top. This particular garment may scream “Hey, look at how big my muscles are!” but if you are a naturally confident person, and feel comfortable walking around with a shirt that exposes your entire physique, then take advantage of this opportunity to show off those pecs, traps and lats. Just be sure the front of it doesn’t say ‘do you even lift bro’? Or else you may be perceived as a common asshole.

#2) Bottoms

As stated above, the runner shorts will not suffice as respectable gym attire not only due to the fact that your junk is at risk of scaring all the members away, but also because it’s the 21’st century and there are so many more options to choose from. Basic jogging pants are not only comfortable, but also are durable, as a pair from a good brand such as Nike or Under Armor can last many years. While it may seem ridiculous to splurge on those $60 pants, you—and everybody else in the gym who found themselves wincing at your attire—will thank yourself down the road.

I’m aware that not everybody wants to sweat bullets as they exercise, so if you want a bit more circulation in the lower body, then Nike and Under Armor both offer the same cold and warm gear as stated above, but in the form of compression pants.

While many men may not feel comfortable wearing skin tight bottoms, I have seen a few style inclined lifters pull the look off on a grand scale. It all depends on what type of style you’re going for. But a form of clothing that might prove to be comfortable to everybody, regardless of style, would certainly be basketball shorts. I’m sure I don’t have to go into detail about how many different colors, styles and brands are in existence when it comes to this particular garment, but I will say that when it comes to the ladies, in my experience at least, this is the most popular.

#3) Shoes

Tracking mud across the training center with those Merril hiking boots? Go ahead and take a trip to the goodwill center and get rid of those disasters, because it’s time to visit footlocker! Now, the cool thing about shoes is the fact that you can purchase not only according to style but also to your specific exercise needs. If you’re a runner then a nice pair of Asics running shoes will do you justice.

They are a bit pricey, but those of you who run long distances know the wear and tear that comes along with wearing generic brands. Asics are, as stated above, expensive but you pretty much get what you pay for and as far as running shoes are concerned it doesn’t get much better. They’re comfortable, stylish and above all made to run in!

But to all the weight lifters out there, your situation may be a bit more flexible, as you are aiming more toward style then comfort. Seeing as they don’t specifically make shoes to bench press or curl in, your options are boundless. Yes they do have what they call training shoes, but personally I find a nice pair of basketball shoes to be both tolerable and eye catching.

Got your own gym-drobe swagger that puts my opinions to shame? Well don’t just sit there, prove yourself to be more fashionable than me by leaving a few suggestions below!