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5 Healthy Snack Alternatives for Those Restrictive Diets

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Image by: By reagan76
By Charlie DeWitts

The winter holidays are coming ever closer, which can be a fearful time for certain people and their belt line. Feasts, cookies, pies and more are just a few things that can make us lose sight of our weight loss goals and channel our inner pig. As our schedules become more and more busy with visiting families or other matters, it can become increasingly difficult to work out enough to keep your body moving towards progress. However, there are some steps you an take that will make those hunger pangs easier.

Here, we’ve comprised a good list of snacks that you can us as alternative towards any of your usual eating habits. Although a lot of people tend to shirk self-responsibility in their diets during the holiday season, these suggestions can make it least make it so you don’t have to worry about your snacking habits reducing your progress and adding fifty extra pounds. So close your eyes and excuse the taste, but it’s time to make getting healthy a reality.

#1) Bake Those Fries!

Instead of going to the nearest fast food place to fulfill your craving of salted, refried potatoes, do yourself a favor a make a big batch of your own. Instead of the usual fat frying though, you’re going to bake them instead! It’ll only take a few potatoes and whatever spices you want to add, although I always recommend a little Cayenne. Since these guys aren’t saturated in fat during cooking, baked fries give you more of the healthy aspects of potatoes, and less of the regret.

#2) Bagel Bites

Sports are huge in the winter, so having a variety of snacks available for you and your friends can get difficult. Before you settle for traditional Bagel Bites, make your own! It’s easy and can take less than an hour, and provide awesome snacking for you and your friends. You may have noticed healthy eating is as easy as making the food yourself, and in a lot of ways, it is.

The reason is because you’re actually able to supply your own cooking style and ingredients, which can make or break a lot of meals into being fatty-central zones. What kind of oils, cheeses and breading you use can all be valuable choices in the struggle to lose weight and stay healthy.

#3) Breakfast Sandwich

Ah, one of my favorites to do on this list. No, we’re not talking about getting to McDonald’s before 11 AM. I’m talking about taking that ten minutes you’d use to get breakfast food and use it to cook your breakfast instead. First, you’ll notice it takes just about the same amount of time as going out, with the exception of making some dirty dishes (boo-hoo!). Secondly, not only is it healthier to do it on your own, I can promise that your sandwich will actually taste better than any Fast Food Joint.


Yes … It is possibly to have the Holy Grail of snack foods come to you in a more healthy fashion. It involves boiling your chicken before you bake it. Nope, you don’t need one deep fryer. This chicken will be just as filling and healthy as it’s grilled or baked alternatives. You don’t really have to worry about hot sauce being bad for your body, but you can still personalize your approach on just how you make these healthy birds spice up their lives.

#5) Fruits and Veggies

Of course, the common staple to any healthy food regimen, is the basis of what all good diets should have. You can make any of these fine meal replacements yours with just a little work, but don’t go stuffing yourself too much. The main enemy of diets is overeating, and while that’s an obvious statement, you could forget it somewhere between your eighth or ninth Bagel Bite.

So it always help to have a steady supply of small fruit or vegetable snacks that you can use to subsist your appetite throughout the day. They even have those vegetable chips, which have the health aspects of the plant world and the crunchiness of the Potato Chip world. The point is, it’s time to expand what you know about dinner.

Plenty of sites offer helpful alternatives to our normal daily grind of fat inhalation. Keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your grocery list. If you’re trying to eat healthier, you’ll never be successful if you don’t throw yourself in the mix and try out everything you can! Most of it will probably make your taste buds cry, but the ones that don’t will be recipes you have for life.

What sort of health foods are your favorite? Do you ever cook foods that are traditionally considered unhealthy and make them healthy? How do you feel about the dieting fads that all demand money?

  • Dermott

    Snacking on tons of veggies has been a trick of mine for years. It really helps to fill up your stomach before you go on to eat the heavy stuff. And good tip on the fries, we have always baked ours and they taste so much better.

  • karson

    My mother had a restricted diet so we use to make fries in the oven. I make mine by mixing potatoes with canola oil then bread crumbs, garlic powder and a little cayenne. Taste great and have a crunchy texture.

  • QB

    We always fried our fries growing up, but when I got married, my wife insisted on baking them instead. It took a while to get used to but now I actually prefer them baked. Frying makes them taste too greasy, now

  • QB

    You can make hot wings taste even better by grilling them instead of boiling them or frying them. Marinate them in the hot sauce, grill them on relatively high heat and baste them every time you flip them. Best hot wings ever!

  • Ernie Benson

    Doesn’t chicken in general have a lot of cholesterol in it, even the unskinned variety? With respect to the breakfast sandwich, it needs to be of the egg white/vegetable variety, or else it’s usually not too healthy.

  • DaveM

    Actually, chicken is a very healthy food (as long as you don’t deep fry it). In addition, evidence is showing that dietary cholesterol has less to do with cholesterol levels in the blood than once thought.

  • Steve

    We grill our hot wings, too, QB. We’ve been doing that for years now and I actually think they taste better than fried wings you get in wing restaurants! We always make two different batches — one very hot with hot sauce only, and one more mild made with a mixture of hot sauce and margarine.

  • Steve

    Same here, QB. My wife has a thing for eating healthy and not frying anything, so we don’t even own a Fry Daddy like we did when I was a kid. Now that I’ve been eating baked versions of the foods I previously ate fried for so long, though, I barely notice the difference.

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